The Plastic Project

Lets Talk About Plastics (Part 1)

The production phase of plastic involves the extraction of raw materials and consumption of an immense amount of energy, resulting in a profound impact on the environment.

Lets Talk About Plastics (Part 2)

Plastic seamlessly integrates into our daily lives, and with it comes issues like single-use plastics and microscopic microplastics become prominent.

Lets Talk About Plastics (Part 3)

After we throw away plastic, it sticks around for a long time. Plastic is tough and it doesn't break down easily, which adds to pollution in the environment.

Why are we dependent on plastics?






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So, what does RTG do with plastic?

Primarily, we are innovators, but there's only that much we can do!

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So we have a high emphasis on education and outreach,

In hopes of spurring the next generation to come up with technologies in advanced recycling, including chemical and mechanical processes, we run workshops.

we are also innovators, and we try to:

Make them into nice take home gift's, accessories, corporate gifts, and many others!

we are also innovators, and we try to:

Make them into bricks! And other industrial products.

A Call to Action

One consumer choice at a time, we all can make a difference for our planet's future. It's about more than just recycling; it's about reshaping our view of plastic. Each bottle we save from landfills is a step towards a more sustainable world.


ReThink Good

Join Us, in rethinking circularity in consumer products and conscious consumer choices.

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