The Glass Project

Lets Talk About Glass!

Glass is composed primarily of silica, soda ash, and limestone, is a sturdy and infinitely recyclable material.

Lets Talk About Glass!

However, the production of new glass demands a substantial amount of raw materials and energy.

Lets Talk About Glass!

The extraction of these resources and the high temperatures required for glass melting contribute to the material intensity of glass manufacturing.

Lets Talk About Glass!

Despite its recyclability, the road to glass recycling presents challenges. Contamination issues arise when different colors or types of glass are mixed.

Lets Talk About Glass!

The need for stringent quality control in recycling facilities adds another layer of complexity, making the process more intricate compared to other materials.

Why aren't we recycling our glasses?

Why do we need to improve infrastructure, raise awareness, and promote sustainable practices?

Fragmentation of Recycling Infrastructure
Contamination Concerns
Heavyweight & Fragility
Limited Market Demand
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So, what does RTG do with glass?

Primarily, we are innovators, and so:

We are exploring applications for use of glass bottles in construction. The transparent beauty of glass bottles, when embedded in walls, creates stunning and functional structures. From homes to community centers, this method not only repurposes glass but also provides a unique aesthetic. Find out more here.

Primarily, we are innovators, and so:

We do R&D of plastic-glass mixtures for construction and other applications.

Primarily, we are innovators, and so:

We repurpose glass bottles into household products like cups, candle holders, and lighting fixtures.

Primarily, we are innovators, but there's only that much we can do!

Outreach and engagement! Reach out if you want us to come down and give y'all a hands-on experience here! .

A Call to Action

There is a realm of possibilities where even the most fragile materials can find new purpose. Let's harness creativity and mindful choices to shape a more sustainable future. Join us in embracing the art of upcycling and making a difference, one glass at a time.


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