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Why outreach & engagement?

Outreach and engagement are crucial because they facilitate collaboration and collective action, fostering a sense of ownership and responsibility within communities. By involving diverse stakeholders and empowering individuals, outreach efforts drive meaningful change, address complex challenges, and create a more sustainable and inclusive future for all.

Hands-on Workshops

Join Us for hands-on workshops where you'll learn to recycle and/or upcycle waste materials into valuable creations, from turning old tees into trendy tote bags to crafting coasters with bottle caps. No skills required – just bring yourself! Register now to join us in reducing waste and embracing sustainability through our workshops.

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Join Us for insightful talks exploring the intersectionality of overconsumption and waste across various waste streams such as fashion, plastics, glass, paper, and food. Discover how these industries impact the environment and learn practical strategies for embracing sustainable practices in your daily life. Hear us talk for 30-minute or 1-hour session to delve deeper into these important topics, in hopes to ignite change for a greener future.

CSR/Learning Journeys/Service Learning

Explore sustainability practices firsthand, engage in immersive experiences, and make a positive impact on communities and the environment. Join us to cultivate meaningful connections, broaden perspectives, and drive sustainable change for a better tomorrow.

Whats in our Hands-on Workshops?

A sneak peak!

Sorting of Waste Streams
Plastic Recycling (Injection)
Plastic Recycling (Extrusion)
Plastic Recycling (Shredding)
Plastic Tote Bag Making
Textile Upcycling
Textile Brick Making/span>
Glass Recycling (Cutting & Sanding)

ReThink Good

Join Us, in rethinking circularity in consumer products and conscious consumer choices.

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